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Video Animation Process

Octa Animations offers you agile animation creation process to deliver you unfailing animated videos.


Animation makers initiate the process with creative script writing. The script strategy aids the making of animations throughout the process.


The storyboarding phase breaks the script idea into still photos. It makes clear what stage should take precedence and how should the audio works.

Style Frames

Styling frame incorporates the aesthetic ingredient into the animation. Additionally, multiple frame factors viz. color palette options, character distinctions and text handling are dealt here.

Voice Over

The voiceover phase is crucial as it revolves around message delivery. Importantly, tone and voice quality features take the final make over here.


At animation phase, each piece of the puzzle is put together. The animators infuse precise motion timing to every phase of the story. Resultantly, the animation idea becomes lively.

Delivery Phase

This step completes the video animation project. You get HD 1080p MOV and MP4 video file that is readily downloadable. Importantly, we help you how to market your animation.

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